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VECTA 7 is a web-based sales intelligence tool enabling you to profit from the wealth of information residing in your back office systems.


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For VECTA Beginners:

Home And VECTA Basics: Learn to navigate VECTA and understand key features, screens and menus, including the Home screen and dashboard.


Diary And Tasks: Navigate your Diary and manage your Tasks; search for and 'Complete' Tasks; enter Activity Details for Tasks; and create Tasks.


Working With Notifications: Understand and learn how to work with VECTA pop-ups, email and the Notifications tab.


Viewing Items In the Dashboard: How to search for and view (a) company details, sales and Tasks for your Customers and Prospects, and (b) sales for your products, product groups, History/Company/Product Analysis items, Alerts and Selections.


For Regular And Advanced Users:

Working With Company Documents (Dashboard - Documents Tab): Generate and upload personalised documents stored against your Customers and Prospects.


Working With User Dashboards: Set up and edit the Home and Sales (i.e. Dashboard - Sales tab) dashboards.


Using The Lookup Screens: Learn how to use Lookup screens - such as the Company Lookup screen - when selecting items (e.g. using Search; defining Targets).


Working With Selections: Create and edit Selections which can be loaded in Enquiries, Alerts and the Sales dashboard.


Working With Enquiries: Use Enquiries to get an instant picture and/or detailed analysis of your sales.


Working With Favourites: Save, run and edit Favourite Enquiries - the sales Enquiries you run every day.


Working With Alerts: Use Alerts to automatically highlight areas of your business requiring action, increasing sales and profitability.


Sales Opportunity Management: Create sales Opportunities within your Sales Pipelines to drive sales and maintain sales throughput.


Working With Targets: Set - and update - performance targets for your sales people against your companies, products and other categories.


Call Manager: Use Call Manager - VECTA's integrated telephony system - to answer/end/queue/make calls and view caller details.


For System Administrators:

Maintenance: Configure your VECTA installation, including:

See also: Alert Maintenance, Favourite Maintenance, Pipeline Maintenance, Selection Maintenance and Target Maintenance.


If you require personal assistance please contact the VECTA Support desk: Tel: 08705 133404 or 01908 249720. Email:



Publication Date: April 2014

For Software Release: 7.1.5


User Help Author: Matthew Irvine. Contact