Working With User Dashboards

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Working With User Dashboards

You have two User Dashboards available to view in VECTA:


Home Dashboard

Your Home Dashboard, in the centre of your Home screen, gives you a global overview of your most important sales statistics.


You may - depending on the library items available in your Home Dashboard:


For further details see Understanding The Home Dashboard.


Sales Dashboard

Your Sales Dashboard, which displays in the Dashboard tab, is the dashboard that displays when:


The Sales Dashboard is context-sensitive; i.e. it displays data for the item you have selected.


You may - depending on the library items available in your Sales Dashboard:


For further details see Options Available From Your Sales Dashboard.


What Makes Up Your Home And Sales Dashboard?

Both your Home and Sales dashboards can contain one or more 'library items' (charts and tables) which will:

Note: For a list of available library items, with examples, see Dashboard Library Items.


About Setting Up Your Home And Sales Dashboards

Users with Maintenance privileges (i.e. a User Group privilege level of 7 or more) may:


Users without dashboard editing/creation privileges must have their dashboards created and assigned to them by a higher-privilege user, such as a System Administrator or Sales Manager.


Note: When you first log into VECTA your Home and Sales Dashboards will be empty. You will need to add library items (and Groups) in order to see sales tables and charts in your Home/Sales Dashboards. See Creating Dashboards.


To find out more about what User Dashboards are, how they work and how they can help you, read the User Dashboards FAQs.


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