Working With Targets

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Working With Targets

VECTA enables you to set Target figures for any type of item in your database to monitor sales performance. You may then see whether sales performance is falling short of, or exceeding, those Targets using:


Target items and figures are held within Target Sets, which may be imported into VECTA or set up manually within Targets Maintenance. See Accessing Target Maintenance.


Note: A User Group privilege level of 7 is required to access Target Maintenance.


Targets may be created for all or selected items from any available analysis field, for a given Target Year (or years). You may set Targets for any available sales statistic, such as sales value, cost, profit, and so on.


You might wish to set up simple one-level Target Sets. For example, you might set up sales Targets for:

... in a given year.


You can also create multi-level Target Sets to create Targets within categories. For example:

... in a given year.


You may set Targets for multiple items within the same Target Set. For examples see Examples: What Targets Can You Set?


For an overview of Targets and answers to frequently asked questions see the Targets FAQs.


This section covers:


See also: Target Maintenance video tutorials.


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