Working With Selections

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Working With Selections

VECTA enables users to create Selections which can be used in VECTA's Enquiries, Alerts and Dashboards.


A Selection is simply a group of values. This might include specific companies, products, product groups, Company/Product/History Analysis items (e.g. Sales Reps; Regions), and/or items from Alerts. Your Selection may include any - or any combination - of these items.


There are various reasons for using Selections in VECTA:


When saved Selections are available, any user may:


All users may view a list of Selections available to them by clicking the Load Existing Selections link on any main screen - see Viewing A List Of Available Selections. You may also use this method to delete Personal Selections - see Deleting Personal Selections.


Your ability to create, edit and delete Selections is based on your User Group privilege level:


In Selections Maintenance, as well as creating Selections it is possible to view/search for, edit, and delete/copy/move/merge Global and Personal Selections.


Note: Selections Maintenance is only accessible/visible to users with a User Group privilege level of 7 or more.


To find out more about what Selections are, how they work and how they can help you, read the Selections FAQs.


This section covers:


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