Working With Notifications

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Working With Notifications

Your Notifications tab displays a number when you have important Notifications which require dealing with:




Click Notifications to view/deal with:

Note: Alert Notifications may be set up when creating/editing an Alert. See Defining Alert Notifications.

Note: User messages may be created and sent by a higher-privilege user via User Maintenance. See Sending And Viewing User Messages.


About Pop-Up Notification Windows

As well as Notifications, you may see Task Reminders, Alert Messages and User Messages pop up in VECTA. To deal with these see Working With Notification Pop-Ups.

Viewing Your Notifications

To deal with any Notifications, click Notifications (as shown above). The number corresponds to the number of Notifications you have received (e.g. 2).


Note: You may also see Notifications as a result of clicking a link in a pop-up message.


All Notifications which require dealing with are listed:




There are two types of Notification:


Alert Notifications

Alert Notifications - indicated by the IconAlertNotification.gif icon - notify you that results have been generated from an Alert you are subscribed to. The Subject column shows the Alert name, while the Comments column displays additional comments on the Alert.


To view Alert results: click on the Alert name in the Subject column (as shown above).


Alert results are displayed - see Viewing Alert Results. You may wish to create Tasks against companies listed in the Alert results.


You may dismiss the Alert Notification once you have dealt with the Alert results. See Dismissing Notifications below.


User Notifications

User Notifications - indicated by the IconUserNotification.gif icon - notify you that you have been sent a 'User Maintenance' message. The message's Subject and additional Comments are displayed.


Once you have read the message, you may dismiss the User Notification. See Dismissing Notifications below.

Dismissing Notifications

To dismiss Notifications (i.e. disable them permanently):


1.      Select a Notification - or multiple Notifications - in the left-hand check box fields.


2.      Click Dismiss Selected.


The Notification(s) is (are) dismissed and the number disappears from next to the Notifications tab.


Note: Click Refresh if you need to update the Notifications list.


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