Working With Favourites

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Working With Favourites

A 'Favourite' - or Favourite Enquiry - is an Enquiry which has been saved in order to be re-used, by yourself and potentially by other users.


This is useful when you might want to run the same Enquiry periodically. When an Enquiry is saved as a Favourite, the Enquiry criteria is saved with it. Instead of having to select an Enquiry type and enter the Enquiry criteria each time you want to run a particular Enquiry, you can run the Favourite instead.


Accessing And Running Favourites

Favourite Enquiries are displayed in the Favourites panel, accessible from all main VECTA screens:




The Favourites panel is divided into:


To run a Favourite Enquiry, click on it in the Favourites panel. See Launching Favourite Enquiries.


Results are then displayed as a data grid in the Enquiry window. As with a standard Enquiry, you may then drill down into the results, view sales figures a chart, print/save results, and so on. See Working With Enquiry Results.


Creating Favourites

You may create your own Favourites by creating and running an Enquiry, then clicking Save As New Favourite on the toolbar. See Saving An Enquiry As A Favourite.


Any Enquiry you save for yourself (i.e. you do not assign it to other user groups) is saved as a 'Personal' Favourite. You may also assign Favourites to other user groups when you save them.


Maintaining Favourites

Tools for maintaining Favourites can be found in Favourite Maintenance:


Running A Favourite From The Dashboard

One difference between Favourites and normal Enquiries is that, when you run a Favourite from the Dashboard (with, for example, a company selected), the Favourite Enquiry is filtered by the selected item. This is indicated in the header area of the Favourite window when you run the Favourite Enquiry. When the same Favourite is run from any screen other than the Dashboard, no filtering is applied. See Launching A Favourite In The Dashboard.


Note: There is an option when the Favourite is saved or edited to make that Favourite accessible/visible only when an item (e.g. company) is selected in the Dashboard. This is useful when you have Favourites designed to be run only when an item is selected in the Dashboard tab.


To find out more about what Favourites are, how they work and how they can help you, read the Favourites FAQs.


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