Working With Enquiries

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Working With Enquiries

VECTA's powerful Enquiries give you a detailed insight into your sales data, which you can use to view sales figures, spot trends and make comparisons.


Enquiries will tell you what IS selling, what ISN'T selling and how things are CHANGING over time.


A range of Enquiry types are available which will answer any question you have about your sales data. For a full list and comparison see Available Enquiry Types.


When you run an Enquiry you will see a data grid showing a section of your sales data (as defined in the Enquiry criteria). This enables you to view and compare data for select analysis values - companies, products, product groups, and/or values for your defined Company/History/Product Analysis fields (e.g. Sales Reps) - and also drill down through levels of statistics. You can order the data and adjust Enquiry criteria as necessary in order to see exactly the data you wish to see. You have the option to display Enquiry results as a chart, and also to print or export Enquiry results.


Think of Enquiries as the first step of the sales intelligence process. For example:


To find out more about what Enquiries are, how they work and how they can help you, read the Enquiries FAQs.


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