Working With Alerts

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Working With Alerts

Alerts are a VECTA feature which will automatically uncover the sales opportunities and threats hidden within your sales data, enabling you to swiftly capitalise on sales opportunities and eliminate sales threats.


Each Alert you create will analyse your sales data, based on defined criteria, then generate a series of results. These act as a formal checklist which your sales team can act on, whether to plug sales gaps, boost sales or run a sales campaign. See Creating A New Alert.


A series of 'Alert types' are available which you can use to create Alerts for practically any purpose. These fall into the following areas:

For a full list, examples and a comparison table see Alert Types.


Alerts are created in Alert Maintenance. You may also use Alert Maintenance to create Alert categories, edit, copy and delete Alerts, and export Alert data.


Once an Alert has been created, the process of generating results can be automated: new values which meet the Alert criteria are highlighted as new sales data is uploaded (see note). Appropriate members of the sales team may be informed of new Alert results via email or VECTA pop-up. Alert-related library items may also be placed in users' dashboards, in which they can see new Alert results and click through to take action. Tasks may created against companies identified as meeting the Alert criteria and then marked as 'actioned' as they are dealt with. Sales Managers may click through to view Alert results as an Enquiry to monitor the results of their sales team's efforts in relation to these Alerts.


See Working With Alert Results.


Note: Alert results can also be generated manually.


VECTA's Alerts make the job of uncovering sales opportunities and threats, and then taking steps to capitalise on them/eliminate them, simple and automatic.


To find out more about what Alerts are, how they work and how they can help you, read the Alerts FAQs.


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