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The following video tutorials will guide you through new and existing features in VECTA. Click the links below to view them:


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Working With Company Documents (Dashboard - Documents Tab)

Generating Documents (04.34)

Learn how to generate - from within a Task or from outside a Task - a Word document personalised for a selected Customer/Prospect which may be saved against the company record for others to access.



Viewing, Editing And Uploading Documents (04.10)

How to view, search for, open and edit documents for a selected Customer/Prospect, and upload documents to be saved against the company record for others to access.



Working With Company Email (Dashboard - Email Tab)

Sending And Viewing Customer Email (02.57)

Learn how to send email - and forward received email - so that you can view email for your Customer/Prospect companies and Contacts in the Dashboard.




Working With Follow-On Tasks (04.40)

Discover how to create Follow-On Tasks: save time and effort generating a new Task from an existing Task, and view linked Tasks in a Task thread.



Creating 'Quick Tasks' (03.34)

Learn how to create Quick Tasks: enter details for a Task and also look at relevant company details in the various Dashboard tabs - without having to click away from the Task window.



User Notification For Tasks And Alerts (12.28)

Learn how to set up a Task so that when it is due, you (or users you manage) see a 'reminder' pop-up or receive an 'appointment' email which can be added to Outlook. Discover how to set up an Alert so that subscribers are notified by email or pop-up when Alert results have been generated and require dealing with.



Sales Opportunity Management

Creating A Sales Pipeline (05.45)

Learn how to add (and edit/delete) Sales Pipelines in VECTA. Pipelines enable you to quantify your sales procedures and track their value. Add (and edit/delete) Stages which correspond to each step of the sales process. You may create as many Pipelines as you need.



Creating Sales Opportunities (09.02)

Learn what a sales Opportunity is - and how to create Opportunities to plug into your Pipelines. Discover how to define Opportunity Items (the goods/services you'll be selling), values and other details for each Opportunity.



Searching For Company Opportunities In The Dashboard (04.12)

Learn how to find, filter and view Opportunities. Search for Opportunities based on the company, Pipeline, user (owner and/or rep) and due date.



Viewing And Editing Sales Opportunities (05.42)

Learn how to reopen and edit an Opportunity, guiding it through the Pipeline as the sale progresses. Discover how to update the Opportunity's Stage, 'assigned' user, and other Opportunity details. Also learn what to do when a sale is made - or lost.



Monitoring Pipelines And Opportunities (10.28)

Learn how to use the Pipeline tab to get an overview of your Pipelines. Discover how much each Pipeline is worth; get a breakdown by Stage, value, Opportunity, Company and User; filter Opportunities in a Pipeline; and open opportunities to monitor sales and leaks.



Target Maintenance

Introducing Balancing Targets (03.13)

An introduction to the Balancing Targets feature in Target Maintenance. See how it works and the advantages it gives users, including making adding Target figures faster and easier, and providing greater flexibility when adding Targets.



Using Balancing Targets In A Target Set (07.28)

Learn how to create a Target Set which uses Balancing Targets. This example guides you step-by-step through the procedure.



Balancing Targets - Further Info And Examples (09.00)

Learn more about how to use Balancing Targets in your Target Sets, with further examples and things to watch out for - including how to monitor sales progress against Balancing Targets.



Setting Up The Target Balance Identifier (05.05)

(For System Administrators) Before Balancing Targets can be used, the System Administrator will need to define the 'Target Balance Identifier' you will use in your company. This video explains what it is, how to set it up, and how to define 'Target Balance' values for your Analysis fields.




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