VECTA Desktop Link

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VECTA Desktop Link

VECTA Desktop Link is a desktop application that works alongside VECTA to control certain user settings for Call Manager and Document Upload. See the instructions below for installing and using/setting up VECTA Desktop Link:


Note: Existing VECTA users may request a licence for VECTA Desktop Link from VECTA Professional Services: Tel: 08705 133404 or 01908 249720. Email:

Installing VECTA Desktop Link

To install VECTA Desktop Link:


1.      Proceed to the Download screen as instructed.


Alternatively: if receiving the file as an email attachment, extract the zipped file using Winzip (or similar application).


2.      Double-click the VECTA Desktop Link application to install it. You will need to accept the user agreement.


3.      Once installed, go to your Windows START menu, then select All Programs > Vecta > Vecta Desktop Link > Open.


When the application is running (note: it takes a few seconds to open) the VECTA Desktop Link Gen_VectaVIcon13x15px.gif icon displays on your Taskbar in the bottom-right of your screen.

Using VECTA Desktop Link

To open and activate/deactivate VECTA Desktop Link, or edit Call Manager and Document Upload settings:


1.      Right-click on the VECTA Desktop Link Gen_VectaVIcon13x15px.gif icon on your Taskbar in the bottom-right of your screen.


2.      Select Settings from the menu which displays.


3.      The Settings window displays. Select the appropriate left-hand tab:

Follow the links for details on these tabs.


4.      You may close the VECTA Desktop Link 'Settings' window when you have finished. To do this, click the 'X' in the top-right of the Settings window.


Edited settings are saved automatically.


5.      To activate any changes made to your VECTA Desktop Link Settings you will need to close and reopen VECTA Desktop Link. To this:


After making changes to your VECTA Desktop Link Settings you will also need to refresh VECTA in order to activate those changes in VECTA.


General Tab

The Start Vecta Desktop Link when you log in option is checked by default. This means VECTA Desktop Link will start automatically whenever you log in to Windows, so that any enabled Call Manager and Document Upload features are automatically available in VECTA. You may switch this option off if not required:




Note: If you do not have the Start Vecta Desktop Link when you log in option enabled, you may activate VECTA Desktop Link by following the steps described in Using VECTA Desktop Link above.


Call Manager Tab

Select the Enable Call Manager option (off by default) to switch on VECTA's Call Manager features. You may switch this off if these features are not required.


You may use the Phone Features fields to select which Call Manager features you require. (The features available may depend on the telephone system being used):




Certain other settings must be configured to enable Call Manager in VECTA. See Setting Up Call Manager.


Documents Tab

This screen displays the number of documents you have waiting to be uploaded and lists relevant filenames:




Note: The Documents screen has no settings to turn it on or off. Changed 'linked' documents are always uploaded to VECTA once VECTA Desktop Link is installed. Changed documents are uploaded to VECTA every 10 seconds.


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