Using The Lookup Screens

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Using The Lookup Screens

What Are 'Lookup Screens'?

Lookup screens are screens enabling you to 'look up', view and select values such as Companies (i.e. Customers and/or Prospects), Contacts, Products, Product Groups, values from one of your defined Company / History / Product Analysis fields (e.g. Sales Reps) and Alerts.


What Lookup Screens Will You Need To Use?

See the following links for information on the relevant lookup screen, and how to filter and select items:


When Are Lookup Screens Used?

Lookup screens are used in a variety of situations in VECTA. An appropriate lookup screen will display when:

Note: A lookup screen displays when you use Search and do not enter a search term, or when there is no match for the search term entered.


Modified versions of these lookup screens are used when:


How Do I Organise The Information In A Lookup Screen?

Information displayed in lookup screens is organised into columns. Sort data by any column/field by clicking the column header. See Sorting Lookup Columns.


Note: Modified versions of these lookup screens are used when creating Selections which include items for a saved Selection, for an Enquiry or when defining criteria for an Alert. The procedure for selecting and adding items is slightly different.


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