User Defined Maintenance

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User Defined Maintenance

User Defined Maintenance is used to define User Defined Items and Categories for your company, Contact and product records in VECTA.


User Defined Items are fields for recording 'user-defined' data for your Customer/Prospect companies, Contacts and Products. They are called 'user defined' because they give you the ability to create unlimited fields and lookup values unique to your VECTA installation, to suit your own business requirements and practices.


Each User Defined field, once defined, will enable users to record data for a selected Customer/Prospect company, Contact or Product, either by entering an alphanumeric, numeric, date or yes/no value, or by selecting from a series of lookup menu values. This data can then be used for analysis and comparison in VECTA's Enquiries and Alerts.


User Defined Maintenance enables System Administrators to:

Note: User Defined Categories were referred to as User Defined Groups and Sub-Groups prior to VECTA 7.1.5.


All of the above are set up and managed in the Company/Contact/Product User Defined Maintenance window. For further details see Accessing User Defined Maintenance.


Note: User Defined Maintenance is only accessible/visible to users with a User Group privilege level of 7 or more.


For an overview of User Defined Maintenance and the concepts involved, read the User Defined Maintenance FAQs.


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