Sales Opportunity Management

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Sales Opportunity Management

'Sales Opportunity Management' refers to a range of features in VECTA which enable managers and users/sales reps to create sales Opportunities and 'progress' them through the Stages of a Sales Pipeline, with the ultimate intention of making a sale.


You may also view the potential and current value of your Sales Pipelines and Opportunities. This will show you whether there is a sufficient number of Opportunities and value within your Pipelines, and whether a sufficient number of Opportunities are being 'closed'. This will give you an insight into the effectiveness of your sales practices and your sales team, enabling you to more effectively forecast sales and plan for the future.


To understand the key concepts and get answers to the main questions see Sales Opportunity Management FAQs.


To understand how to set up and work with VECTA's 'Sales Opportunity Management' features see Sales Opportunity Management Workflow.


To understand more about what a Sales Pipeline is and how it is structured, with examples and further guidance, see Sales Pipelines: Tips And Examples.


The first major task is to create one or more Sales Pipelines in Pipeline Maintenance. See Pipeline Maintenance.


You may then create Opportunities for Prospect/Customer companies selected in the Dashboard. See Working With Opportunities in The Dashboard.


You may then use the Pipeline tab to monitor the number, progress and overall value of your Opportunities. See Pipeline Tab: Getting An Overview Of Pipelines And Opportunities.


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