Call Manager

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Call Manager

Call Manager is VECTA's integrated telephony system, enabling users with a headset to:

See Using Call Manager.

About Call Manager And TAPI

Call Manager is VECTA's built-in TAPI (Telephony Application Program Interface) interface. This enables users to initiate and receive calls with VECTA contacts via a headset incorporating headphones and microphone.


TAPI was developed by Microsoft and Intel and is included with the Windows operating system. A user running Windows on a PC or similar device may use a TAPI interface to connect to a phone system using a TSP (Telephony Service Provider) driver provided by the telecommunications manufacturer.


When Call Manager is used in its standard operating mode, the VECTA 'telesales rep' may interact with callers using VECTA's Call Manager pane. VECTA has an alternative mode enabling clients with existing telephony software to use VECTA in conjunction with their own TAPI interface.

Setting Up Call Manager

Certain prerequisites are required for your system to use Call Manager.


If your system meets those prerequisites, to use Call Manager you will need to:

Note: VECTA Desktop Link is a desktop application which works alongside VECTA to control certain user settings for Call Manager and Document Upload. See VECTA Desktop Link.


See Setting Up Call Manager.


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